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Eskimo Kisses

Dateline Tokyo: June 17, 2008. Happy Birthday, Keiju-chan. All my kisses, Eskimo, French and well, you

Happy Birthday to Jodi Ann Arias

Happy Birthday to Jodi Ann Arias. Our PRAYERS are with you and YOUR Family. Godspeed.

Rachel Jeantil

Rachel Jeantil. 19 years old? (vulnerable “young” girl?) as if….. (and note: not gentile) TWEET: June

eBay sent me a blankie

Ebay sent me a warm (acrylic, of course) fuzzy. …..and a note……. I am apparently a


Today’s portemanteau du jour. Why not. (yeah, I’d like to riff on that for a while….)

Paging Daniel Henney

Paging Daniel Henney. (God, I hope that works) Yobo/say/oh Handsome. Sa rang hab ni da. Fate

And the Winner is……

No Envelope needed: Charlize Theron in Dior. Frankly, I’d be okay stopping right there—but, in the

On The Fly

I feel as if this should be part of a skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus–but

Spa(m) Anitra Brown. Why does this appear in my “in” box. Can I opt out if


Okay. I love Strolling down Worth Avenue. I enjoy shopping in Chanel, Hermes….. Better Still–Rue Cambon,