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cherry hola

Always Hello! Always Good Buys…People you want to meet!

Sherry Hola!

When we met in Tokyo Midtown last May, Ms. Yamaguchi was wearing a black wrap Diane Von Furstenberg dress created for her by DVF. It is a kimono-inspired design embellished gloriously with Swarovski crystals. Von Furstenberg herself penned an article on her own ‘MUST Do/MUST SEE’ for Kyoto in Departures Magazine (American Express Co.) describing her delightful time spent with Sherry.

with Sherry in a beautiful kimono

YYC was treated to one of Sherry’s VIP experiences—-Yamaguchi-san extended introductions (with her signature razzle dazzle) to celebrity photographer Leslie Kee at his sponsored fund raising Gala (AB FAB & Star Studded)–’LOVE AND HOPE’ at Omotesando Hills, TOKYO.

in Omotesando with Leslie

She next escorted us to a tasting at Omotesando’s famous Montook restaurant where some of the city’s most interesting residents congregate (IF THEY ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GAIN ENTRANCE–It’s regularly booked solid for seatings). The Bouillabaisse was Impressive–and the people watching was even better. What a Hoot! (and Holler)

We proceeded to ‘F’-Bar in Azabu Juban –ABSOLUTELY PACKED– but thanks to Ms. Yamaguchi’s status as a Producer for International Fashion Television-the red carpet was rolled out yet again. (We’ll have to begin wearing ermine if we hang with this crowd).

Sherry is a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and she is the Producer for NHK’s ‘Forbidden Kyoto,’ a television program which introduces viewers to the culture and beauty for which Kyoto is renowned. She is a qualified ambassador to the elite world of geisha, ceremony and the cultural celebration of Japan–her family connections stem from the hanamachi x-cho, one of the 5 geisha districts of Kyoto.

Of course–All that Glitters is not Gold, but Ms. Yamaguchi possesses a 24K heart. She has worked tirelessly for the relief effort since the tsunami and earthquake of March 11 in Japan. Those now infamous nuclear reactors for Tepco (Tokyo Electric and Power Company) suffered extensive damage after the unprecedented 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami ravaged the country.

We have seen a few of her Direct contributions to the afflicted areas– (note: Croissant June 2011 Magazine wtih Jane Birkin at Fukushima, page 58). Jane Birkin (THE JANE BIRKIN) and Sherry Yamaguchi drove northeast of Tokyo to volunteer their time and efforts at Fukushima within a month of the devastation.

Jane and Sherry and other selfless volunteers delivered hot food, clean water, and other necessary support to the victims of the disaster (Ms. Birkin contributed one of her heralded (and customized) Hermes bags from her personal collection).

At this writing, Ms. Birkin has since donated yet another signature handbag in an effort to continue awareness and charity for Japan.

Sherry Yamaguchi was so moved by the tragedy that she donated HALF of her annual salary from NHK to the Relief Effort by the Japanese Red Cross.

There are many stars, but ‘Team’ Birkin-Yamaguchi shines brightly to our eyes at yumyumcherry. Many Kudos for good work.

Wine, Dinner and Song with more than a dash of the sense of humanity—

It can’t get better than that…..

Arigato Gozai Imasu

And, speaking of works that are indeed GOOD–The Newest installment in the Forbidden Kyoto series has just been released!

DO check.

My Guru: San

Dateline NYC-YYC had the unprecedented pleasure of meeting UBER talented make up artist and PARFUMER ‘San’ Leonora last month at Henri Bendel, Manhattan.

His skills are truly formidable (especially armed with his Paula Dorf primers, concealers and array of brushes).

Frankly, I am a skeptic of most store “artists” (and, I’m using this term loosely as most either travel in a caravan nationally trying to pimp out their assigned lines for their per diem OR are glorified salespeople with relatively average abilities to apply makeup).

Overall, The primary GOAL is to ply the ‘customer’ (read that: ‘victim’) with layers of branded gunk in hopes that said “customer” will BITE (aka buy) on a few items.

Hence THEY will make a sale, earn their commission and the consumer can leave only to throw their pastes, shades, and shadows into a drawer to figure out someday.


For me: It was a crummy, wet day in NYC.

(This sounds like the prologue for a bad novel: note to self–save this line….)

Unable to score a taxi (and trust me, Chivalry REALLY IS dead at 5PM in that town when it rains).

After almost being impaled by three men with umbrellas in my final attempt at a ride to midtown, I relented and popped into Henri Bendel in the hopes that the drizzle would lighten up (or at least the crowds).

Unfortunately, Bendel is light years from what it once was (and not in a good way).

Still….It was interesting to see the fare and how disappointingly, in truth, it had changed from seven years ago when it was a cornucopia of emerging make up lines not yet mainstream enough to be boring, and other goodies that one could find nowhere else.

Now it is a struggling outpost of laminated and vertically striped products (probably produced someplace off Mott Street en masse) and more conventional staple products: Benefit, Nars….well, you know the drill. (or should if you’re reading this….)

The upper floors of the building that once housed Bendel’s cache of Kiki de Montparnasse, Rick Owens and Matthew Williamson are non existent.

I meandered through the maze of hair doo dads (not Cherry Chau) at the entrance and somehow (despite being “nailed” by a fragrance wielding “associate” who just about laid a bear trap at the front of her counter…) ….I stumbled on “San.”


with make-up artist San at Bendels

San is a past Master at the art of cosmetic application. He represents ‘Paula Dorf’ (and I personally hope SHE knows how LUCKY SHE IS TO HAVE HIM DO SO).

He routinely spruces up the Today Show Hosts ‘pre programme’ to make them glow a bit more radiantly for the viewers in those wee filming hours.

For my part, I was familiar with the Dorf line (wish she’d call it something else…) from years prior.

Miracle: This man erased years from my face.

Years. How? (still not sure, but I bought it ALL….GRATEFULLY)

And, if you are at all interested in the joys of individual lashes, this man gives Shu a run for his money—and I am well versed in the Tokyo Lash Bar fare….

Makeup by San

Now, as Providence would have it, I was due to attend: (read that ‘an hour late to arrive for’)
(drumroll please)–

THE Six Scents Parfums & Elements Showcase 2011 Official Launch Reception party hosted that evening by Joseph Quartana and Steven Sang at ‘The Yard’ of the Soho Grand Hotel.

with Joseph and San 18 in NYC

Well…coincidentally…..SAN had left Memphis in 2006 for the Big Apple to focus on his own career developing specialty Fragrances. His first scent, “Ruby” was named after his grandmother-and marketed successfully at Jeffrey’s, Takashimaya, NYC, as well as at BENDEL!

And, San had a vial of his #18 on hand.

#18 is a spritz of Jasmine, White Tea, Basil and Lime.
Truly, while I SHOULD (I’m told) have a fragrance (other than ‘Axe’ which my sons squeal in horror if I borrow….)….well, I Don’t. The closest I’ve come was an Avon purchase of ‘Charisma’ when I was ten…..sigh.

But YOU (’Stylish Reader’) probably do…..

So– whether you are hunting for a new look or want to be the first in your Prefecture to sport the scent du jour (San #18 is much better than Cesium 137)–

Contact SAN-san (pardon the pun):

San, Viggo & Associates
Make-Up Artists, Personal Shoppers, Stylists, Wardrobe Consultants


Henri Bendel
712 Fifth Avenue

..and, in the event that you really, REALLY can’t live without those vertically striped cosmetic bags

Smart Art

OAKWOOD PREMIER TOKYO MIDTOWN makes their contribution to the relief effort for Japan–Six pictures from the collection of photographer David Stetson.

These prints were featured as part of his ‘Textile Collection’ displayed at Oakwood from Jan 8 2010-Feb 15, 2010.

Mr. Stetson (Born in London, 1953) studied at Hornsey New York University Film school. He has worked for leading luxe brands and shot for publications world-wide. He has worked as a director/cameraman on rock videos and TV ads. Stetson is a consultant creative director for advertising agencies and he has exhibited his photography in major galleries in NY, London, Tokyo, Cologne, and Singapore.

The silent auction for the individual signed works will be held through June 2011 with an opening bid of 30,000 yen (aka 360USD).

Amy infront of David Stetson silent auction Oakwood

The pictures are entitled: Yellow’,’ ‘Pink’, ‘Green’, ‘Orange’, ‘Lily’, and ‘Building.’

YYC was fortunate to have access to a viewing of these eclectic photographs–four featuring a cityscape. OUR FAVE: Pink(u).

With Amy infront of David Stetson silent auction

Our YYC Kudos to Ms. Amy Hanashiro and Mr. Martin Fluck, GM, for access to an advance viewing of this Gallery!

Details for bidding/purchase are available at the Front Desk: 81.030.5412 3131.

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