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CREED: Bois du Portugal

Guess that the EU would be euphoric if only the Nation of PORTUGAL could tap into

Bullseye: ever more Target practice!

Phillip Lim 3.1 collection for Target. Well, personally, YYC is seriously jazzed that Target seems to

“Excellent Choice, Madame”

True Fabrications is putting a whole new spin on drinking booze out of a paper bag!

Unicorn Meat

Is this the New Age answer to SPAM? ….and where is ‘Monty Python’ when we need


Bonsai—not JUST a battle cry, IT’S A SCARF. Hermes and dwarf trees, what’s not to love?

Lays Potato Chips: Chicken Waffle Flavor!

“Do Us A Flavor” contest launched in Times Square at first-ever Lay’s brand flavor store; Contest

Alaia Blue Cheetah

So I was just wondering what to do with that extra $1700.00 burning a hole into

Sakura American Style

Sakura American Style-100 years worth of hanami in America. Cherry Blossoms galore, the Annual festival in

Troupe or Dare

They’re here…..Referring to the girl scout cookies. (I knew I should have done my crunches) sigh


It’s ‘Sunburst Betty’….not sure how that name evolved… Maybe there is Fuchsia Fran, Lavender Liz, Silver