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cherry picks

Why buy a lemon when you can pick a Cherry?

CREED: Bois du Portugal

Creed Bois du Portugal box

Guess that the EU would be euphoric if only the Nation of PORTUGAL could tap into Creed’s MOJO with the price points on ‘Bois Du Portugal’…..I recall paying $180 for the same flask (no proof sadly) years ago. Apparently the Woods flourish at $280-$330 (depending upon how much ‘Portuguese’ your need Demands).

Creed Bois du Portugal price at Neimans

Perhaps John Lennon should have rethought whether or not Norway merited his Anthem. Ah, hindsight.

Isso é tão emocionante

Isso é muito dinheiro para o item

Time to call Rosetta Stone.

Bullseye: ever more Target practice!

Phillip Lim 3.1 collection for Target.

Well, personally, YYC is seriously jazzed that Target seems to have gone back to their initial capsule collection concept as opposed to featuring small boutique offerings.

Not that it isn’t fun to mull a hotel gift shop from time to time TO KILL SOME TIME….(Fontainebleau Miami aside:)—but it’s much more fun to discover a few inspired designer pieces at rational price points to whet the appetite for a more substantial piece.

Voila: Mr. Lim.

Phillip Lim for Target

Love, Love the grey sweater dress with the ivory silk (yeah, as if) skirt. Pair that number with a simple belt and a nice pair of flats (don’t skimp on your shoes, that and your handbag really TELL THE STORY)… and it would be tough to believe that it DIDN’T come home with you from Barneys at ten times the price.


“Excellent Choice, Madame”

True Fabrications is putting a whole new spin on drinking booze out of a paper bag!

Voila — the blue jean Birkin (with silver hardware) for the effete wino –

Birkin wine bag

Love the 0% proof white top stitching — nice touch.

$4.99 of paper bliss. Spin the bottle…

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