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Eskimo Kisses

Dateline Tokyo: June 17, 2008. Happy Birthday, Keiju-chan. All my kisses, Eskimo, French and well, you

My Prince (Charming, of course)……

Wow, Finally A COMMITMENT FROM KEIJU. Okay girlfriends, I feel so lucky…… We got the green

The Funky Chicken

Oh Goody, It’s time to play ‘Contagion.’ H7N9 (‘you’ve sunk my Battleship’) is the newest Influenza

Versace Spring Summer 2013 catalog

Well, if you have several thousand to burn on a dress, ante up. Consistent if not

Vintage Fans? Behold

Northamptonshire England will host a VINTAGE FESTIVAL celebrating Blasts from the Past. Very Groovy. As I

Ladies, start your Medusas

Ladies, start your Medusas….(sounds obscene….) sigh VERSACE is producing a capsule collection for H&M out in

Karl for Net-a-Porter starting Jan 2012

Xtra Xtra, I’m in Love, I gotta thank the Lucky Stars ABOVE! Yeah, it’s Karl! He’s

Chanel Spring ‘11

YYC will be drawing it’s own conclusions about Spring 2011. That said, based on the web-version

H & M 4 U & Me!

Mais Oui! Lanvin has announced that Indeed it is launching a capsule collection for H&M (previews

Fashion Shockwaves! (The epi centre is somewhere near a Haagen Daz near YOU)

Saks Fifth Avenue is on the verge of becoming the only major retailer to carry PLUS-Sized