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Jude Frances

Need a Staple for your Favorite Graduate?
YYC’s are Claire and Cameron!!!!
Hard work and Great Grades.

Of course–our suggestion to launch your favourite Grad into the University crowd (and–no, not you Cam)-
These gold hoops feature inset diamonds and retail at NM for $590.

Jude Frances gold hoop earrings

In the Neiman Marcus Catalog in 18k Yellow Gold, these are perfect for Jude’s wide range of charm embellishments.

Or, you can give ‘Funky’ (well, moderately…”funky”…) with the Frances’ Updated white/black diamonds version huggie at Saks Fifth Avenue.


The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA will feature an exhibition of the Collection of the late Elizabeth Taylor.

The iconic actress passed away in March.

During her lifetime, the actress had amassed am amazing collection of Jewels, art and couture.

Many of these pieces are slated for auction through Christie’s, New York (December) and later in London (February).

Prior to these sales, the catalog of items may be viewed by the public via an international tour including: London, Geneva, Hong Kong and Moscow—-as well as the aforementioned premiere in LA. (be still our heart) Gotta love them caftans……

Included in the array will be the celebrated 33.19 carat diamond!!!!!!! Bling Bling….. that Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth Taylor upon one of their umpteen engagements. But even if you aren’t in the market for a bauble of that size, there are other items to be listed:

Christie’s dedicated website features some beautiful highlights.

Or splurge on an auction catalog and enjoy the entire collection in the privacy of your home, car… office….closet….whatever.

And if you want in on the fun of bidding, Christie’s is also offering more moderately-priced items in a special online-only auction.

Get that plastic poised! Registration for the online auction: December 3. Be there, aloha.

Refined Design

Barneys New York.

Mark Davis earringsPhoto: Barneys NY

Okay, one can extrapolate an idea. Sort of along the lines of George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord / He’s So Fine’…….but I did wonder as I spied Mark Davis’ new ’square’ earrings if he wasn’t a bit “inspired” by Sharon Khazzam’s $5640 creation as he mulled through the jewelry concession dropping off his consigned wares to vend. Granted, Mark has put a rougher spin on Sharon’s finely crafted creations but it is a tad coincidental to anyone who shops Barneys (or their website online…for….well……jewelry).

Sharon Khazzam bee earringsPhoto: Barney’s NY

Just a thought. Of course, it is a decent living and not all of what he does as an Artist. There is a world of inspiration awaiting you Mark–ride down to Canal Street.

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