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Cartier on a budget?

Cartier on a budget?

Well, not generally synonymous, indeed it appears that the French Luxe Joaillier is attempting to whet the whistle (18K, of course) of their younger Japanese clients with a Bridge Collection.

A synopsis of the article:

Oct 01 Cartier drops prices to woo young (Japan Times)

Prestigious French jewelry brand Cartier plans to launch a new collection of luxury items in Japan in November priced much lower than its conventional high-end goods to woo new and younger customers, the company’s new president of Japanese operations said. Cartier officials said some of the watches in the new lineup will be priced between ¥200,000 to ¥300,000, whereas its conventional high-end watches cost from ¥500,000 to ¥900,000.

Japan Times has pulled this article for future review.
Or, perhaps the six items under $13,000.00 sold.

Ironically, October 1 celebrates the 100th anniversary of Cartier’s investiture into the American marketplace.

With our exchange rate as it stands, your $13,000.00 may buy you a key ring, scarf and a 1.6 oz bottle of ‘Must de Cartier’….eau de toilette.

Bonne Chance.

Erickson Beamon for Target

Erickson Beamon.

Erickson Beamon for Target cuff

My first introduction to this line came via the ground floor of Harvey Nichols (or ‘Harvey Nicks’ as he’s known when he’s ‘at Home….’).

I was rummaging through a pile of Cherry Chau hair doo dads and I spied a bakelite cameo of an African woman with a basket affixed to her head at the end of a strand of multi-coloured beads the size of melon balls. Now, if someone had tossed that to me from atop a float at Mardi Gras–well, I would have grasped the concept.

However, locked in the glass case and sporting a £325 ticket was enough to etch the E-B team firmly into my mentation.

Our next: ‘Meet Cute’ came at Oxygene-Bal Harbour (Miss you Roma!!) where apparently the line was blowing out of the store at the same staggering price points.

Behold. Now Target, too, sports the fare. To be perfectly honest. It looks about the same as the real thing. Just subtract one zero and you’ve got yourself a treat.

Mercredi pauvre. Eh, bien.

Loree Rodkin Ginza

Adore Loree’s Ginza Outpost (the medieval basement is worth the price of admittance….and, hey….I’m buying….ANYWAY…..).

Shopping in Loree Rodkin's Ginza boutique, Tokyo

There is something sumptuous about the collection of goodies stored in the small boutique edged away from the centre of Ginza (actually….No Where Near Sony…..Printemps…… well…..Let’s just say, I think she got a deal on the real estate…Smart Chick).

It’s a warren of odds and ends….better than the rather banal assortment offered at Isetan….less of the sterling/cubic zirconia variety and more of the jiggle your jewelry from the gallery (Thank you, John Lennon) fare.

Noteworthy: some of her newest additions (Hark, who were these “INSPIRED” by…..?????????? especially now that Garrard has harnessed Stephen Webster for their creative designs…..?).

Facade of Loree Rodkin Ginza boutique, Tokyo

In any event—always a fun J-treat to scope out—and Hey, we know how to find the Shop now—— despite being illiterate in Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana…………If she builds it……WE will Come.

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