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Star Style

Your fashion constellation.

I think I love you!

Ah, it is said that one never forgets one’s first love—–

I still remember the Joys of watching Keith Partridge on Friday Nights.
I was 11.

Happy 63rd Birthday to David Cassidy.

Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il (16 February 1941 – 17 December 2011)

Today is the birthday of Aquarian (and former Supreme Leader and overall Grand Poobah of the starving nation of North Korea) Kim Jong Il.

I can’t say that I miss him. (and his son has a bad haircut)


Wow, August—-so many Leos (and now Virgos**) and so little time.

CAMERON, and Neil, Gretchen, Andrew

………Danielle, Ruth, er, Don (well, never mind that…)

TATSUYA & Naoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Practically having a Betty Crocker fest.

(Make mine German Chocolate—and I’ll be eating it in my closet, thank you very much….no fork needed).

And, then—there is FTD’s solution to all those calories.
Although what’s 8675 kcals between friends, anyway.

A very Nifty idea (Use a coupon code: PRODEAL15)

Less crumbs and you can still wear your Herve Leger dress next week.

FTD birthday cakephoto: GY

**and MayMisosoup (^0^) is fast approaching.
Quite a round up.

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