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Baggage advice for UK passengers

Baggage advice for UK passengers, courtesy of the BBC. Commentary in capitals: The arrangements, announced by

Rigby and Peller…

…or how I discovered I was a 34 F. (Sounds like a job code with the

Schmap for iPhone

Schmap for iPhone London at your fingertips! Do check out the YYC ‘Rigby and Peller’ pic…

Shanghai Surprise

Shanghai Surprise (Madonna, eat your heart out…as if you have one….ouch.) Okay, enough ‘Madge’ bashing… Shanghai

Tokyo RMK Colours

Mixi dots (sort of like that Dippin’ Dots ice cream that tastes like crap but is

Ueno Park–yumyumcherry blossoms

They say timing is everything, and in our case, this Japan trip proved the case. Warmer

Limited Edition SAKURA Cherry Kit Kat

photo: JList “Mum’s” the word. This is the treat that dutiful Japanese moms put in their

Friendship Store Number One, Beijing

Friendship Store Number One–Located in the Diplomatic quarter (or segment of one of the ring roads

More on Tokyo Midtown

More on Tokyo Midtown. Via Bus Stop (this was our first visit to their boutique and

Restir at Tokyo Midtown

Tuesday’s dance card was filled with a dash to scope out Tokyo Midtown’s newest shopping Mecca.