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Going, GOing-GONE (or: The Joys of Ebay, part 1—soon to be a multi volume set)

First of all—I am still trying to understand the “logic” behind the methodology of allowing any

YUMYUMCHERRY: Couture by the Crate. (^0^)

買い物に行くことができます (Let’s GO Shopping!) Wow, so many treasures, so little time. More aptly, so much clothing–so

Tenth Anniversary

Ebay and I are ostensibly having our tin/aluminum anniversary this year—Ten Years of Bliss together…er….. Okay,


Yeah, I’ve sent out false alarms before, but it’s TIME! Swing that cyber gavel and let’s

Auctions back from hiatus

Shiver Me Timbers Maties (okay I’ve gone Johnny Depp on your butts) YYC has finally been

A Collector’s fantasy

Whether you’re new to the world of Chanel, Hermes et al., we promise an inventory of

And now for something completely different

Tune in to our specialty auctions seller names yumyumcherry for fun and profit and yumyumcharity, for