More Bling for your Bing! new and gently loved fashion props and favorites


We’re b-a-a-c-k, ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’


Yeah, I’ve sent out false alarms before, but it’s TIME!

Swing that cyber gavel and let’s trot some Chanel, Hermes, Charvet, Vuitton…..well, you name it…..outta here.
Sayonara Sale? No, but try to envision the space restraints of a Tokyo apartment superimposed upon a woman used to three walk in cedar lined closets and 8500 square feet of Florida Living.

Therefore, girlfriends, poise your piggy banks…….and let the bidding begin.

Auctions back from hiatus

Shiver Me Timbers Maties (okay I’ve gone Johnny Depp on your butts) YYC has finally been nudged into some action here. Craving a touch ‘o’ glow. Wanna tie one on…..Do tune in….after a ’bout ‘o’ Scurvy (read that—’too lazy to post any auctions’)—-we are back online with a bounty…..Tune in. (Okay, I’m dying to threaten that I’ll make you walk the plank, but I don’t have a boat…YET.)

A Collector’s fantasy

Whether you’re new to the world of Chanel, Hermes et al., we promise an inventory of some of the most exquisite suits, jackets, dresses, bags and jewels (And did we mention…shoes…Cherry Cobbler?) this side of Ali Baba. Or is it the Rive Gache? Or maybe the Mall of the Emirates (Ski Dubai! Yea!). Worst case scenario — Madison Avenue, uptown and we promise a chauffeur driven ride you won’t soon forget.

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