Champagne for New Years?

Maybe if these guys spent less time in the vineyards and worrying about whether their sparkling wine moniker was secure and a little more time backing up a country that invaded the beaches of Normandy to save their butts, I’d take this all more seriously.

I mean, I love French products. I adore Pommery champagne and sadly, I haven’t found a California substitute (Now, there’s a Mission). I love Chanel Clothing (but, do let’s remember Herr Karl is not French–because you better believe HE remembers it), I love French lingerie (oooooh la la, Lise Charmel), I love French kissing….oops…wrong post, I love Hermes leather goods–a new pink 35 Birkin could stop me at ten paces. I have on occasion even LIKED a French man or two (but not at the same time).

Still, there is something disappointing about a Nation that claims to be so focused and behind the United Nations that when asked to send a deployment BY THE UN, the best they can spare are eight MEN. Where were the rest? Probably composing this advertisement in CapitalFile (a Washington based publication) espousing their solidarity and committment to ole bubbly:

champagne defends its appelation controlee(click to enlarge)

Impressive. I remember when part of CDG (Charles De Gaulle) Airport collapsed a few years back. It never did look that well assembled to me–kind of like what happens when I try to build LEGOS…..I often debate which gate is going to drop off first as I ascend the Jetson-esque gangplanks with my Pegasus (yes, Louis Vuitton–ALSO FRENCH) rolling luggage. Anyway, in a world of chaos and terrorist threats, when I first heard that M. Mitterand had raced to the scene, my initial thought was, ‘he must be going there to surrender.’ Okay, enough bashing. Time for my Cafe Au Lait and Croissant -a bientot.

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