Chanel 06 cont.: handbags

Greenspan must have found new employment at Chanel. We’re still riding the large (Jumbo Classic) which has gone from $1450 to $1250 (1996-97) to $1895 (yesterday, Coral Gables, Flordia—Thank you, Reggie). It’s like doing stock market technical analysis. I guess you need to buy your bag with the help of your broker who can predict Euro/Dollar ratios. Same bag, different prices? Okay, I know, INFLATION. Purple is the colour that seems to be most marketed this season–even Hermes has been unable to resist a rendition or two.

Chanel's dark teal handbag for 06a

Chanel has also embarked on a dark teal bag. Nice styling, but buy it in the black version. I mean, teal? Okay, I see it with brown. Maybe grey. Dead with black. Throw it out before the first thaw because it’s deadly with all those pastel tweeds that Karl is marching down his ’07C catwalk.

Caviar leather is back after a hiatus (Praise the Lord). While it is slightly cheaper than its lamb cousins, the look never quite comes off as luscious and can resemble plastic unless you choose your style with a discerning eye.

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