Chanel 06 Part Deux: PreFall/Act One and Two

PreFall/Act One & Two of ’06A had more to offer than I initially saw at the trunk shows that I attended. Of course, you could blow your wad on the $20K ‘TIARA’ jacket (line forms to the right). There was a black and white dress/jacket combo that sold quite well, but not together. Unless you’re heavily influenced by GRID action.

I bought far more in the grey range than usual. Karl had a rather subdued palette of hues going, they worked well with one another (play nice) and were chic as sold separately (the newest trend since no one seems to be marketing SUITS anymore….). I concluded that either the ensemble look was dead or a corporate decision was made that no one would believe that a couple yards of matching fabric could ratchet in price to over $8K an ensemble for the same suit that would have been $4500 max eight years ago. Sad, but true. Now, I still get a sting from a $2000 skirt. I want it to make my butt look like the stuff of dreams–and forget cellulite. Maybe this is unrealistic to hope for from a mere swatch, but I do still believe that the check is in the mail and that the seat WILL be down if I plunk in the loo at 3AM. Girlfriends, you know what I mean.

to be continued…

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