Chanel 06a Ivory Lace Blouson

Chanel 06a ivory lace hoody(click to enlarge)

Chanel’s ’06A Ivory Lace “Parka”…er, “Hoody,” Whatever, it does zip closed, we’re sure of that:

zipper closure on the Chanel 06a ivory blouson

We spied this item in New York at the CC Flagship Boutique on 57th Street. It was fabricated as a Sport piece (and no, sale fans, that grouping doesn’t usually go on the block with the rest of the collection for Fall the second week of December.

It was fabricated in a black lace and winter white lace version — the black was ordered more popularly for the US Boutiques — the Ivory was bought in a broader range for the Asian market. Tough call, both have their charm –$2400 (approx.), this is obviously not your FIRST Chanel jacket. This is a specialty piece for those jaded enough to house a closet full of tweeds and boucles–just different enough to fill a niche market. It does run small, but it is intended to be a close to the body sort of fit.

06a Chanel black lace zip blouson

The black is a bit more lingerie than the ivory, somehow the peek-a-boo arm play didn’t work with much underneath (actually, it worked best with nothing at all underneath, but we’re not that kind of site, kiddos). The white/ivory lace rendition is a twist to pair with greys, beiges, and taupes. We didn’t love it with black. Pink came off a bit “Hello, Kitty” in contrast, so you need to have a “Look” in mind. Interesting, but indefinite.

A word of Thanks to Peggy Campbell — 212-355-5050. She has a keen eye–having worked at Asprey, she also has a very clear perception of tailoring and details that are often missed with the fantasy tweed set. Save up for Resort unless you have enough Lesage to sell Your Company to Karl.

Chanel 06a ivory lace parka back

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