How to stuff a wild camellia

Chanel 08P Camellia jacket

How to stuff a wild camellia.
Okay, $10,010.00 later (and, like Karl–do you argue over who had the iced tea on your tab at lunch?) I’m trying to figure out why:

a) I bought it
b) the extra $10 is on the tab….I mean, how ’bout $9999.99?
c) there is no lining
d) I’m still allowed to go shopping without a guardian

Back of the Chanel 08P Camellia jacket

From what we’ve seen of the Chanel ’08 fare, this is the nicest piece from a strictly fabric basis, but you’ve really got to love material to justify the sticker shock.

Chanel 08P Camellia jacket closeup with button

Love the overlay embroidery and abundant cc’s…..the buttons are cool. Sort of Pan Am….in a way.

There seem to be no end to Karl’s black dresses–but the hard pieces (jackets/suits) are scarce on the ground.

Cruise is generally the pricer part of the fare for Spring. Act one is primarily staples and Act 2 is runway. Something tells me there are going to be a few racks to choose from at Sale in June…..

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