Chanel at Maxfields, LA

Catapulting camelias, Batman! Chanel Ready to Wear is available at Maxfields’ L.A. (hey, YYC is ALL about Christian Bale….well, okay, not ‘The Mechanic’ Christian Bale….more the ‘American Psycho, Batman-esque Christian Bale—–Play Huey for me, Chris……) I digress. Although he could use a boucle cape…..

Okay, now that I’ve hosed myself off with cold water, I shall continue. Apparently, Karl L. has deemed Tommy worthy of stocking his tony shelves with CC fare and Los Angeles’ Edgy Fashion Mecca is now home to a collection of this season’s ’07 prime.

One might presume that Karl’s affection for all things Chrome Hearts could play into this counter corporate decision (afterall, with one free standing CC Boutique on Rodeo Drive (thank you, Janet), one in Saks Wilshire Blvd (thank you, Sheila), and a limited selection at Neiman Marcus (thank you, God—I have enough on my Incircle card)–the area is hardly a vast wasteland barren of chain/leather strapped handbags and fantasy tweeds.

However, amidst all the Lainey, Libertine, Undercover, LGB, and occasional Lanvin/Dior–we are assuming that this will not be your granny’s assortment of Chanel.

Get the Bat phone out and call Deanna Youhanna–310. 274.8800.
Just think, Karl Lagerfeld, Boy Wonder.

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