Chanel Black and White Pyramid Tweed

Chanel Pyramid Tweed

As an aside. Kids, The New York Times did a Sunday Feature on Karl L. “Rootin’ Teuton” (I guess it was a WILD WEST Kind ‘o’ feature). Wonder if Mummy introduced him to the Bollo Tie? Wow, no wonder he has “issues”…still, I keep shelling out $4K a jacket each season (I guess that implies that I have “issues,” too….) Ah, well, the guy does know his way around a fantasy tweed.

Thanks to the Euro, I’ve heard that we can anticipate paying $500 more a suit. Note how the Boutiques are even breaking them into separates now…very few items are being sold as “ensembles.” This ’05P season, one can anticipate blowing at least $6500 for a dynamic duo. “Rootin’ Teuton” indeed.

Exit One (staple back jacket with sequin detailing) is apparently the most reserved piece of Act 2….aka Karl’s Paris Runway stuff. There is another suit, either exit 11 or 14…big difference, email for details, that is a peach tweed–not the one with the necktie (a bit Victor/Victoria) with a tweed of yellow/ivory and grey. Film at 11:00 (not really, I mean, don’t tune in or anything….) Basically, most of it looks wearable and I’ve reserved a black/yellow/red (but watch the skirts, girlfriends, they take on a funky angle at the hem) jacket…..and God Knows what else. I’ve heard that there is black jacket with a satin collar that must be worn to be appreciated, but at these price points, I really want to be ambushed at the curb. I don’t want to have to strip to get that zing. Well, you get my drift. I’m into the ‘Coup de Coeur’ experience.

Before I put it up on Ebay…

Chanel Pyramid tweed Jacket

Finally, Yumyumcherry (yes, this is a LONG AD) JUST received a drop dead gorgeous jacket from ’03A in the black/white tweed, size 44 (yes, there is life after Atkins) collection–I’m being neighbourly and giving you a PREVIEW, $1400 from this site (and yes, we add shipping, but do take paypal) Email me, Email me….in two weeks, we’re throwing this puppy on the block. Thanks for looking.

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