Chanel Black Satin Nail polish 219

Chanel's Black Satin Nail Colour

When Vamp was first introduced, I thought the blood red colour was hard to integrate with all my bubble gum pink Chanel clothing. Based on sales, guess I was wrong.

Black Satin (which was recently joined by Black Pearl) is a bit Elvira meets the Munsters for me, but who am I to talk? — I’m wearin’ too much Loree Rodkin for my own good. Still…Chanel claims this Made in the USA (!*@!!) nailpolish is the height of fashion for $18. MADE IN THE USA!! We can’t wait to see the Sally Hansen version for 99 cents at Walgreens.

Still, Black Satin been successful enough for Black Pearl to come on the scene, which has a slightly more silver tone cast to the black. When All Black isn’t enough. I think I’ll save mine for Halloween.

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