Chanel’s Beige in the Ginza

Gift bag of macaroons from Beige CC Logo chocolates at Beige

Chanel’s Ginza flagship collaboration between famed chef Alain Ducasse and Karl L. is indeed, well, quite beige. Novel concept (especially the “sublimage” dessert named ostensibly after Chanel’s newest skincream) – but that is pretty much where all flashes of quasi divine (assuming that we deify Karl at this juncture) INSPIRATION end.

Beige is at the top of Chanel's Ginza flagship

Awesome vista of the Ginza from atop CC’s locale (especially enjoyed the Giant AmEx sign in Neon White Blue reminding me to post my payment) – albeit a rather dreary February Saturday on the evening we reserved supper.

At dinner at Beige

Worth the price of admission for Coco’s Crowd if just for the novelty of dining there. Spied far more men there than I would have presumed, somehow I can’t envision the “Allure” (ahem) of dining AT anything Chanel related for my husband’s tastes — Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Rose flavored marshmallows (left) offered for dessert at Beige

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