Chanel’s brown paper wrapper

This is how Chanel's 07p denim FT jacket arrived

Chanel’s brown paper wrapper. I’ve seen bags of scotch arrive more nicely packaged. Okay, I realize Karl must reign in the budget somewhere, but hey,
what’s with the presentation. His face creams get more pomp and circumstance than this $6K PLUS jacket.

Chanel Act 2 denim FT jacket

Act 2 continues, while the jacket itself is a lovely fantasy tweed of denims — great with jeans (but so are GAP Tee shirts and you’d save about $5950), but truly lacking enough verve to merit…well, even a Chanel box?

back view of 07p fantasy tweed jacket

The style features a modified bracelet length sleeve, single breasted front and mildly mandarin tailored hem. I guess I should be happy it wasn’t delivered with postage due.

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