Chanel’s Ivory Lesage Skirt Suit

Chanel ivory Lesage suit 06a

Probably one of the Most IN DEMAND suits from Fall, Act 2– Chanel, was the long sleeved LeSage Ivory Skirt suit (shown at 57th street) which pretty much blew out of retail in all sizes except 46 (wonder why–maybe the Mini Skirt played into that equation). Truly a striking candy spun confection in ivory (does throw off a yellow undertone, but what’s a little pastiness among friends–and probably delicious on Asian complexions……hummmmmmmmmm) Le Sage with embellished buttons set in silvertone hardware. And you were wondering where to spend that extra $10K languishing in your checking account……

Chanel's 06a ivory lesage suit on the mannequin

Here’s a detail of the button:

Detail of the button on the ivory lesage 06a suit

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