Chanel’s Japan Bag at Isetan

Wow, talk about Big Game Hunting. Still amazed that YYC was fortunate enough (hey something has to go right this jaunt) to nab that coveted CC ‘Japan’ bag–seemingly as scarce on the the ground as a gaijin at an Hokkaido Onsen (thanks to the former David Aldwinckle for that) and totally unavailable in the USA. Trust me, I tried…

Chanel Japan CC Flag Bag SS07

As Eiko (our full-fledged fashion genie) unveiled this white and red perforated tribute to the land of the Rising Sun, we speculated our 50/odds that our order was fulfilled. The kami of handbags smiled upon us and 280,000 YEN later, we disembarked from our Isetan Odyssey with a souvenir worth the rencontre. Arigato Gozai Imas!

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