Chanel’s Paraffection

Chanel 03 shoe celebrating fastenings

Since 2002 Chanel has been buying up Ateliers. Chanel founded the Paraffection company in that year—and who can possibly forget the “snap” collection of ‘03A where EVERYTHING was adorned with widgets celebrating the acquisition of the hook, eye, closure establishment?

Chanel 03a closeup of the 03a snap suit skirt
Through this wholly owned subsidiary, Chanel now owns:
Lesage embroidery–Broderies (SURPRISE). Here is a nice example of current Lesage:

Another short sleeved suit from Lesage -- Chanel's 06a

Paraffection also owns Pierre Debard (modisme); Andre Lemarie (plumassier/feathers); Georges Desrues (ornamention and buttons (parurier)); Raymond Massaro (chausseur); A. Michel (milliner); Maison Guillet (fabric flowers since 1896, bought 2006); and Robert Goosens, a Paris-based gold and silversmith which supplied the house from 1955-1971 when Coco was still alive. This last was bought in 2005.

All these ateliers supply Chanel, but they also sell to the public:

Mme Servane ANSIDEI
12, rue Duphot 75001 PARIS
Tel: 33-1-42-86-28-33
Fax: 33-1-42-86-35-50
Email: fleurs artificielles pour la couture (pistils).

Additionally, Chanel owns Eres, the lingerie, bathing suit company.

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