Cherries by Vuitton

Murakami cherries on Vuitton Speedy

Needless to say, When they phoned from the LV Boutique to let me know that the Murakami Cherry Print LOGO Vuitton Bag had ARRIVED (having just seen it in Town and Country–my dentist subscribes, I get MAD magazine instead….oh and the National Enquirer….) Naturally, I snapped it up. Yeah, I’m waving that Plastic around again…..actually, I thought that I had purchased the larger version of the Speedy that I normally cram all my belongings into (I perpetually look like I’m running away from home)…gee, I can barely fit my Prada make up bag–which I’m lucky if I can zip shut, CC wallet, keys, cellphone, ipod (Hey, how else do I get to listen to that great ’70’s music?) palm pilot, Lifesavers, Glock…well, hey….into My Regular size, this smaller version, while VERY Tempting, is NOT going to work. They did this sweet little 25cm Version (Sweet as only something over $6K can be) It arrived yesterday looking like a truck ran over it….c’mon guys, can’t you puff it up a bit before you mail it? It looked like a Smashed Liquid Cherry (see photo….c’mon, pretend it’s a Rorschak test).

Cherry Speedy as delivered by Vuitton

Additonally, I had imagined this with the Bigger Murakami print that I gather Vuitton only manufactured in that Jumbo flat tote (and what is the purpose of that bag, anyway? A special document holder for your legal sized manilla envelopes–How Chic) and that pochette thing. I gather LV did this smaller print in the Bucket Bag and this 25cm Speedy version ONLY. I threw it on Ebay and we can ‘Let the Good Times Roll…’ hopefully before the statement does….wheeee

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