Cherry Cheesecake?

Of course, what lover would skip the lovely lingerie tissued and folded with the promise of more to come (**Christopher, refer to ‘The Clean Getaway Kit’). While my personal favourite is Deborah Marquit’s line of fluorescent bras, thongs, bikinis. Et al. (try Barney’s New York: 212.826.8900. Agent Provocateur has a racey, lacey little range of surprises AND, afterall, who doesn’t need a barbed wire belt??

For those Agents who wish to be a tad LESS provocative, YYC proposes:

Celestine set

Celestine ethereal blue and white Egyptian cotton nightie and matching gown. Delicious to wear and perfect when he’s in the mood for a bit of Star Gazing…even a better find when you can nab them on sale. That’s romantic. I remember shopping once at Neiman Marcus when a man (OH MY GOD No Man’s Land, Buddy) entered the ‘Intimate Apparel’ department seeking something sexy, sheer, and black as a gift. However, it ABSOLUTELY had to be on sale. What a Sport. Hope his date enjoys her Oscar De La Renta zip front floral dashiki just the thing for a Tropical Valentine’s Evening — all that was missing was the banana head dress.

Tepper Jackson harlequin pajamas

If you groove to a slightly more ‘70’s beat, we adore the Tepper Jackson Range of PJs which are adorable with their coordinated zip travel totes. Very Austin Powers (—ah, to be VERY Elizabeth Hurley).

My personal new fave under wave is Scanty. Whimsical Cotton print tops, pants, boy shorts and gowns. Not too precious to wear and wash, but fun and comfy.

And, while the Swiss and French Chocolatiers sling nasty insults at each other’s ganaches, my heart belongs to Teuscher. (Sorry Maison du Chocolat, but I think you’ll make your numbers even without me) Truly their Champagne Truffles are so deliciously decadent that I almost reserve a meditative moment to savour mine in peace, like locked in my closet with the box of 20) Seriously as a woman who eats practically three meals a day in her car–that’s a heavy committment. The chocolate melts in your mouth and you just know that the sole one you’ve popped used your caloric guideline for two days. I feel like I’m writing Porn.

Finally, what would a day dedicated to all things ROMANTIC be without a few ‘toys’ tossed in for good measure. And while I’ve heard that many ladies shop for these little gadgets at home parties (sort of Tupperware meets Chippendales) I don’t like my girlfriends that well. Not like that, anyway. There is an amazing shop in Tysons’ Corner, Virgina, ART WITH FLOWERS which features exclusive fragrances, candles and other doo dah. Jimmy Jane ‘WINK’ Blindfolds available in PINK or Black (for you Manly Men) one side has a Heart and the other a ‘z’..(frankly, if you’re wearing it at all, I doubt I’d take the ‘z’ all that seriously, but..).

Mile High Tier 1

Jimmy Jane also makes a naughty carry on — ‘The Mile High Kit’ which offers one genuine travel kit, sort of the complimentary fare one is pelted with in business class long haul flights.

Mile High Tier 2

The other ’Secret’ compartment features naughty gadgets, oils, and rubber widgets that look like they should adorn the top of a pencil, but I don’t think that was the, uhm, point. Frankly, I’m lucky if they let me board with my mascara and a sealed wet nap these days, so I’d live to see one of these make it through security. Almost worth buying just to try going gateside with it..

Happy Valentines’ Day.

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