Cherry Picks for December Part 1

Visions of Sugar Plums, tinsel, and those damned tiny, blinking bulbs that tangle into a web tight enough to drive a spider insane….of course, if one twinkling light goes the whole strand is worthless.

Yumyum’s picks for December (including gifting—for others, as well as yourself) include:

ANYTHING wrapped in that signature blue Tiffany box with white ribbon… Votiva Gingerbread candles delicious enough to convince him you really did bake that Entemann’s loaf cake strategically situated on your Corian counter:

Votivo gingersnap candle -- very tis the Season

…Yoko Moku Cookies—a Japanese butter biscuit that melts in your mouth (check out Saks)—we especially swoon for the all butter cigares:

the japanese do french.  Crisp and buttery.

Plow and Hearth (soon I’ll be advising you to shop at ‘The Dress Barn’–and WHAT??? would ever convince an Ad Agency to dub a store with a name like that? ‘Yeah, let’s just get that crane and hoist ‘ole Paula over to the dressin’ stall —Easy girl’) pink fleece zip up ‘snuggle’ suits. Think of Dr. Denton, but less shapely:

Diamond Tea terry robe Diamond Tea - fluffy but not frumpy

…Harrod’s Luxury Christmas Crackers (now officially banned on B/A’ s website as forbidden air fare)—filled with sterling silver clips, keyrings, and other potentially explosive trinkets—Guaranteed to become a tradition once you try them (Make HIM wear the paper hat); Schramsburg Demi Sec Wine (Feel free to send us a case)—a lovely sparkling wine that I’d call Champagne were it not from California (don’t want to rile up the French, nuclear weapons don’t daunt them, but don’t touch their pate or beverage trade)…

Hold that thought and wait for me under the mistletoe.
To Be Continued…got to get the snow out of my boots…

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