Cherry Picks for December Part 2

Karl’s confection-like Lesage jackets for CHANEL Resort ‘07 —nothing like blowing the budget in one fell swoop (see photos):

Chanel's 07c Lesage graffiti jacket Karl's 07c Lesage pricetag for the jacket

…McQueen’s pink sequin embellished Dorothy-esque pumps, try being the Good Witch this Season; NOT paying someone else to decorate your house for Christmas — perhaps if you really aren’t inspired enough to erect your own freakin’ tree, you shouldn’t do it at all… Burl Ives’ Holly Jolly Christmas (second in my favourites’ for the season collection only next to ‘The Partridge Family Christmas Album’)…

Maison du Chocolat treats for the season, don’t personally dig ‘em, but our Kirschmeister swoons at the sight of that rectangular box full of Salvadors. (Just FYI, ‘Maison uses the same box crafters and ribbons as Hermes of Paris…) …Christian Louboutin Lace embellished shoes —that lingerie feel without a slap in face:

Louboutin's lace pumps and clutch

Elene’s Hannaukah Cookies shaped like stars and dredels with blue and white icing. Oh, and Geld works, too.

Happy Holidays

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