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Ling Chow in Allure, August 06(click to enlarge)

Ling Chow’s finesse with a razor is unparalleled (glad she’s not related to Occam)–I’ve made the five hour pilgrimage to her Salon for the past eight plus years entrusting her with my cut and colour. Ling has an uncanny eye for proportion and a Pantone memory able to gauge just how warm or ash your highlights can push the credibility edge.

I’m not *unfortunately* familiar with the ‘highlights starting at $250 and up…’ Okay, well I know the “AND UP” part pretty well (as does my long suffering husband).

Our daughter Juliet’s haircut in mid October (with miraculous colour correction as dear Julie had decided to get creative with Clairol in a very unyummy Black Cherry way) ratcheted up to the $800 bracket.

Before Ling Ling'd!

Ling’s supervised versions, however, are more financially affordable (still might be wise to check with your broker). Wolfgang from her prior Mayfair salon was a Brad Pitt clone and well worth the price of admission just to bask in his chair.

I “discovered” Ling’s original salon in Coconut Grove, Florida in ’97 when a different, touted stylist botched my ‘do past the point of no return. Coincidentally, Allure had published a blurb about the BEST stylists for colour in Miami. I would have paid twice what it cost to ressurect my tresses…of course, I would have had to have taken a mortgage on my home, but hey, good cut, good colour.

Ling came to the US as a teen from Hong Kong and originally wanted to design fashion. With her flair and sense of individual style, I’d make the commute to buy her clothing line, too. In the meantime, having been to salons all over Europe, the US, and Asia–she’s still the ONLY hairdresser I’d recommend.

305-444-1444. 3399 Virginia St. Miami, FL 33133


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