Christmas Spirit

Ah, That Christmas Spirit. All the joys and bustle of the the Holiday Season that began in mid October this year. (I have a strong suspicion that eventually it will just evolve into one LONG holiday with maybe a gap week in March for Easter card distribution.)

Nothing quite like the holidays to really bring out the best in human nature. The joys of Neiman Marcus and getting jabbed by women with vials of Black Orchid–by Tom Ford (one more spritz and I’ll be decking more than the Halls, and it won’t be with boughs of holly) Ho, ho, ho. Tom, apparently, designed this B/O (as I think of it) fragrance to simulate the over ripe scent–just on the verge of rotting (no kidding) orchid. What’s next Tom–Eau de Bleu Cheese? I can hardly wait. I’ll try not to bathe.

Mall parking lots are crammed with SUV’s full of holiday shoppers determined to wedge where no SUV has wedged before, all in the name of Santa. I mean, do these people really only shop ONCE a year?

I’ve never seen so many befuddled men in lingerie departments in my life. I heard one guy appraising stuff by SALE price to determine whether to opt for it or not. Something along the lines of, ‘well, she can’t really wear that size, but she can probably squeeze into it for a few minutes…’ Lucky Lady.

The really special part of this consumer phenomenon is that EVERYTHING goes on sale and is whacked another 25 percent on the 26th. Now, that’s the spirit. I’m thinking about wrapping up IOU’s. And, for God’s Sake, I’m writing from Tampa, Florida which is not exactly the mercantile Mecca of the World.

One more week of badly piped disco covers of Christmas tunes–Hip Hop White Christmas, etc…..and I’m converting. I’m thinking Existentialism. Send me Sartre. Have your own Holly Jolly. Ciao.

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