Chrome Hearts

new Chrome Hearts bag from BDG with quilted crosses

Even if your Sex is SAFE and your Drugs are Prescription, there’s still Rock n Roll. Chrome Hearts, adored by many–including Karl L.—puts the edge in your fashion (as well as extracts the green from your wallet) Not a cheap date, we LOVE this CH newly Launched handbag from Bergdorf Goodman’s concession their–ask for ALEX!!!! (Thank you, Darlin’).

This chic treat works as well with Chanel (insert photo) as it does with the likes of Rick Owens or Libertine. Not bad company to keep. It makes a nice option for you when you don’t want to heft that Birkin around on your wrist and a Classic quilted CC lamb looks a bit too prissy (and it can, tread with care).

Word for the wise, unless you are a lady who lunches….stick with the Jumbo classic. That is, of course, assuming you aren’t 70.

Chrome Hearts bag strap detail

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