Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

….or so ‘they’ say (not sure who, but someone does…..). Well, In this case, perhaps there is truth to the adage.

LUSH, the Brit-based specialty soap company, is promoting charitable donations via the sale of ‘Rising Sun’ soaps ($5.95 a bar) and Charity Pot Lotion.

These are part of their designated JAPAN RELIEF COLLECTION—100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Rescue Stock Yard, the NGO Collaboration Center for Hanshin Quake Rehabilitation, Animal Peace and Peace Boat.

Yumyumcherry has popped into one of the LUSH venues in Shibuya near the massive train station previously—pretty easy to find because if you follow your nose you’ll either wind up at LUSH or Yankee Candle (enough said).

LUSH has an active commercial presence in Japan–it operates 145 shops, a factory and has 1,600 staff members in country—but after the earthquake on 11 March, the company also lost some of its own staffers and stores. Many employees have lost everything they owned in the Earthquake (dubbed ‘Hanshin’) and the ensuing tsunami which hit a mere 15 minutes after the quake subsided.

Donations will also be accepted at the above link—so many people and pets are now in need—and your generosity is genuinely appreciated.

Of course, we think this campaign by the boutique soap company is very apt as the Japanese typify a love of Onsen and Bathing!

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