Coming CC Attractions

I’ve heard that Karl’s new “Theme” for ’07 Cruise is Trains. He shot the Collection at Grand Central Station. Hope he had the Port Authority nudge some of the Winos along before the filming–not that I don’t appreciate a good shopping cart full of junk. He’s lost his mind. I think you’re completely right, we BOTH should stop buying this stuff at full fare (pardon the pun) or is it full token. I want him to shoot my wardrobe in Coco’s apartment–not cozied up to the conductor of the R train en route to Jamaica, Queens at 3 AM. The reality, however, is that I’m an addict and I’m already going to New York for one Dinner to preview the Spring collection (surprisingly, NOT at a cafeteria in GCS) and Mar-a-Largo to view Cruise. RealityBites.

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