Conspiracy Theory—

Why I never did trust those Little Elves in the Hollow Tree.

So, I’m hunting down my favourite Keebler cookies–the peanut butter lover’s chocolate chip variety and it’s vanished!

Naturally, I’m thinking—okay, another e coli issue in the food stuffs like about a year ago when it all got yanked off the shelves—but, no….(work with me here, if I HAD a sample for a picture to illustrate this post, girlfriends, I’d use it and then eat the props).

Now at Target, I see a bag of the competition: CHIPS AHOY WITH REESES PEANUT BUTTER CHIPS COOKIES…..

Chips Ahoy cookies with Reeses Peanut Butter Chips

This was never available before as a product. I would have scoped it out in desperation…..

Methinks there is a plot afoot.

Worry not, I am in the process of testing this thing out….sort of a blind taste test on different bags.

I’ll keep you apprised of my results.
P.S. Tell Jenny Craig I’ll be calling in two weeks.

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