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Pixi Cheek Gel and eyeshadow palette

Gone are the days were Bendels was haven to the best of Private make up brands. Scarlett, Pixi, Wu….no more.

Scarlett Derma-luxe in medium

I imagine that a corporate decision (the same brilliant mind that closed down the fourth floor) or pending bankruptcy prompted a call to stick with more mainstream cosmetic names. Frankly–and sadly–Bendels is no longer much worth the stop. If your time is short in the city, skip it and do (God, am I really saying this??) Bergdorf Goodman instead.

Amore Pacific makeup removing tissues

BDG has renovated their basement level to house the staples (everything Estee owns) and a few of the lesser known names. Amore Pacific –a brand of Green Tea based skincare from Korea is there (while their signature spa awaits downtown). Having lived in Korea in the eighties, I would not necessarily have vouched for the quality of their product. I’d be wrong. You should try it. Now that Neimans and Bergdorf have for all intents and purposes (EXCEPT ADDING SALES TAX DOES NOT OCCUR AT BDG UNLESS YOU RESIDE IN NY, GIRLFRIENDS) become the same store, you can swoop this stuff up at NM or online through them. Their serum is excellent.

Ramy Miracle Brow

Ramy USED to be in BDG, but he has moved south to Jeffrey on 14th, so if you are truly looking for eyebrow enhancement, have your driver shoot south.

I still swear (and swear, and swear—but, forget about that) by the Serum de La Mer. Not the Cream, the foundation, the Eye Pack, the Cologne, nor anything else this guy has slapped his name upon, but the Serum works. It’s expensive–over $300 a bottle, but it works. Coincidentally, if you check the testers at the counters, they are all full EXCEPT THIS PRODUCT WHICH EVERYONE WHO WORKS THERE USES. Hummmmm? Coincidence?

I go to Barneys to visit Joan (I love you) and Faustin (the most excellent dancer I’ve met in a long time–I’ll tango with you on the second floor any day)–but, I digress. The basement features a specialty bar of products that seem to take an inordinate amount of time to determine…so I skip it. Maybe you won’t. Turn right as you exit the elevators.

By Terry makeup assortment

I like their fragrance bar. They also carry ‘By Terry‘….which is much easier, although less gratifying, than a trip to Paris for a consult. I used to buy the USLU airbrush system make up there, but it is no more–Chloe Sevigny or no Chloe–and it’s a pity. Nice concept, but it never seemed to be stocked. I do get updates from them and SK-II (from the same company that produces Kose and Kanebo) is marketing their airbrush, single application –refillable– through SAKS. Too yellow based unless you truly have an oriental heritage.

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