I wanted to clear that up immediately because the last thing I need is a band of six Nasty Frenchmen pelting me with croissants, pate, and doing whatever else they do when not supporting their part of the UN Resolution. Just don’t mess with the grapes. This really gets les pantaloons in knots.

This Spanish bottled sparkling whatever they call it (that tastes as if it would be champagne in it’s next life if only it could head north-east in the next life’s pollination)–is indeed a fantastic and affordable bubbly. It is produced by James Serra and imported by CIV to Sacramento, California.

Cristalino label

It wins kudos yearly in it’s category by Wine reviewers using terms like: ‘It has a delightful personality and legs…’ ‘The bouquet is unpredictible but not too rash….’ blah, blah, blah. I think these people need to stop drinking long enough to evaluate their comments, but hey, they seem to enjoy this stuff, and you will, too. $10.00 or thereabouts a bottle US—great with fishsticks (‘although a bit impertinent….’)

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