Cruising Diaz: or ‘Knight and Day”……?

Naturally, my first question was more along the lines of WHEN flicks became $9.50 a person.
(The second question is how popcorn and a coke became $12.80.) I guess I don’t get out much.

This rather light ‘comedy, drama, thriller’ (20th Century FOX speak, not me) features Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz thrown together in a slightly mad cap adventure along the lines of Val Kilmer/Elizabeth Shue in ‘The Saint’….WITHOUT the sexual chemistry between either the characters or the actors portraying them—ahem.

I’m still trying to work out the title ‘Knight and Day‘. I followed the ‘Knight’ segment,….but ‘Day’ is still a bit obscure to me (maybe I missed it eating that $10.00 popcorn from the nose bag that the usher affixed to me upon seating in the cinema). Of course, in England (shades of the good ole Odeon) they used to sell alcoholic beverages during ‘Intermission’ …rather like Opera or a Play for the masses. I don’t know if they still follow this practice, but the film would have made more sense if viewed while under the influence……

It was overall good fun in a ‘don’t think about it too hard’ sort of way (like watching Denise Richards portray a nuclear physicist). Certainly, Tom Cruise was charming in a role that spotlit his million dollar smile—very engaging. Let’s just say I personally preferred it to the last clip I saw of him.

Cameron Diaz was vibrant and personable (if a bit simple-minded)—but, there were the requisite bikini scenes harkening back to her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ films. Overall a cute two hour flick. Pass the butter.

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