Demerit MARC

Ah, well, Mr. Jacobs is quite the visage in pink and black for Paris’ Fashion Week.
…couldn’t it at LEAST be LaCoste–not that a tiny gator patch could really compete with the ink and stubble.
Yep, he’s a Man’s Man alright.

And, while Marc designs women’s wear with true talent, I may never look at a piece of Vuitton ready to wear or his signature line quite the same…hopefully he is not his own: ‘Designer Muse.’

I understand the beauty of self-expression (although Galliano was flayed for it) —oh, that’s different of course (Thanks, Nat) –but somehow this “ensemble” might be better suited for a night out at the Moulin Rouge? or a “Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Revival rather than the debut of French Fashion.

Nice crystals on the Pilgrim shoes, though.

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