Dolce Extreme

Okay, so I’m becoming a prissy old lady. I don’t care if someone is straight or gay….I really don’t want to watch them ‘Make Out’ (Unless a. -it’s Pay Per View or b. -they are REALLLY good looking). We stumbled on this blog which we thought was amusing. I don’t know if the actual photo is a real shoot or not, it could be as we recall seeing D & G parade men with their short and curlies featured on the Catwalk. Could be for shock value, but John Galliano does high theatre better. Naturally, he’s clinically insane, but very, very good at what he does.

I’m not entirely sure what they are selling here, but I don’t think I was their key audience.

Three cheers to the blogger responsible for ‘FAGATS GUIDE‘–even if he did graduate from Yale (so did my husband, but I’ll try to keep an open mind, anyway). Check it out…..

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