eBay sent me a blankie

Ebay sent me a warm (acrylic, of course) fuzzy.
…..and a note…….

I am apparently a covert operative.
So covert, in fact, that I myself was unaware that I was deep undercover.

and now I can be:


eBay blanket

The proud, very secretive owner of an OFFICIAL ‘ebay’ fleece black throw:
‘ebay’ beautifully embroidered by machine to proudly reward my time in service.
GOD, I hope this isn’t fake?

I will hide this “trinket” (which to me generally implies a small piece of jewelry, but oh well) in case other ‘ebay-ers’ come to call. I don’t want to blow my ‘covers’ (ha ha)

Most especially I must secrete it from those people who I suspect may be vending counterfeit LV handbags or sewing bogus CC buttons onto Carlisle black tweed jackets.

One can never be too careful (check the lining and look for signs of a missing chain weight at the hem…..)

Of course, this episode has prompted me to volunteer for even more extensive service.

I see a future for myself at Langley.
Damn, I feel stealth.

If that doesn’t work, I do a wicked Claire Danes impression.
My son’s name is Damian.
Could I do a sequel to ‘Homeland?’
Maybe HBO wants to knock one off.
But more importantly does Cable television deal out blankets? I suspect not.

I digress.

Thank you ‘ebay’ for acknowledging my days/weeks/years? of loyal service–whether I provided it or not (you can always use another blanket in Florida). Based upon the letter, it seems that we are fighting a losing battle.

eBay letter

Of course, I like to think that I’m narc’ing out other sellers 24/7—it’s good for establishing sound business relationships.

I would, however, share my blankie. Let’s cuddle.

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