Enter the Dragon

Erwin, you are quite photogenic! Erwin's cool TM -- the Dragon's tail takes the shape of a perfect eyebrow

We were initially introduced to Erwin at Elizabeth Arden’s Signature Red Door Salon in Friendship Heights, and while that may not sound particularly hip, Mr. Gomez certainly is! Not only is he a master of all things brow related, he also frequently works with international fashion designers, celebrities and runway talent for shows—in fact, our latest visit with him had followed a session with Messers. Badgely and Mischka in Washington, DC to promote all the black tie requisite for the locals to fete the season in Style.

In Erwin's deft hands

Yumyumcherry was honoured to be the first clients to receive Mr. Gomez’ legendary (or soon to be so) brow grooming. He has an uncanny skill to hone even the weakest brow line into something worthy of the Paparazzi. He starts with a frosting of cream to prepare you for the waxing, and this guy is FAST. Whammo. Instant Erwin. $55 to tame those stray hairs and give you a frame to your eyes (window of the soul?) that any starlet would envy.

a Makeup Forever lesson

Gomez hails from Laguna Beach, California. He favours Make Up Forever Cosmetics. While Mischka had him doing pinks and an occasional coral for their gig, Erwin seems to groove to tone on tone neutrals.

Erwin selects the right shade for YOU
He also specializes in teaching those of us not as gifted in a pantone sense how to find our own best hues and weed through our little PRADA zip cases of expensive make up boo boos.

An elegant candelabra echoes the dragon theme in the beautifully finished salon

James Packard-Gomez was helping to put finishing touches on the interior of the salon—all done with beautifully lathed woodwork in curves mimicking the brow lines his husband is known for. James’ personal style is very LA-we would have put money on him wearing Libertine. He definitely wears it with panache.

We can’t wait to see this space evolve into a FIVE STAR salon—stay tuned, IT WILL. Thanks for your time Erwin and James–the pleasure was all ours!

yumyum and Erwin Sab Shad managed salons in the UK and is a fan of Makeup a la Carte

Erwin Gomez, Eyebrow Guru
1519 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Georgetown, DC 20007
Phone: 202 333 7290

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