Eres Tu?

Eres collection of bright swimsuits

Ah Mocedades, where are you now? I really wish I was too young to remember that song.

Okay, so I finally got back to Palm Beach to view the Eres (next to SISTER Company ‘Chanel’ on Worth Avenue) swimsuit fare for ’08! Happily/UnHappily I emerged $1865.00 later with a bag small enough to conceal in a toaster. I’m still trying to work out exactly HOW that happened.

That said, the colours were clear and vivid–a sharp contrast to the offerings we saw last season which were muted mochas, aubergine, taupe and chocolate brown. I’m sorry, Pamela Anderson WAS NOT wearing beige on Bay Watch—I mean, if I’m going to shell out $500 for a swimsuit and another $200 for a matching (de rigueur, mes amies) cover-up, I don’t want to look like the upholstery in the lobby of an upscale investment banker or corporate raider. I want to to have his undivided attention from the confines of his Cabana at Cap Ferat. Enough Said.

Like vivid? This could be your collection. (P.S. they still have the pantyhose colours available in the drawers….hard to imagine isn’t it…..)

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