Fail Safe Grooming

When in doubt, don’t.

That means that tattoo of a zodiac crab splayed across your lower back….you really don’t want to see how Mr. Moody ages over the ebb and flow of your years back there.

Well, you won’t have to (unless besides having incredibly poor taste you also are a contortionist) but….well, in the interests of actually keeping your own options open, PLAY IT SAFE.

Good Grooming (that statement that harkens a mental image of June Cleaver and Emily Post) is really the foundation of all fashion. It’s a structure that you can possess even if your facial architecture appears to be composed of Play Doh.

Sally Hansen White Nail Pencil

This nail pencil (which is becoming increasingly difficult to find….as is overall good grooming, we might add) is a handy way to look like you haven’t been planting zucchini all day in your garden. Whip it out and spiff up those nails at the traffic light (it sure beats tweezing if a cop is behind you). One end has that handy clean under the nail doo dad (let’s not dwell on that too much) and the other end sports a white pencil to brighten the white of your natural pink/white set.

2-in-1 Nail White Pencil

Voila. And, Hey Dudes can use it too!

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