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fake bakeIt dawned upon me that I don’t really appreciate people without their clothing (most especially playing tennis without their clothing OR Rock Climbing)…..In fact, I don’t even particularly like to see myself ‘au naturelle’….(ah, that explains those Chanel bills) Seriously, I think MOST people look better dressed….in most cases, The MORE the better. Ah, that puritanical streak emerges. ..

Anyway, I bought a self tanning trio kit called, “Fake Bake” which I haven’t tried yet, but will hopefully leave me as a Bronze Goddess.

I remember the old CopperTone Quick Tan stuff which I used as a teen that left me with burnished orange palms. My darling daughter convinced me to invest in a self tan airbrush system (coincidently also a tattoo machine….let me know if you need an ANKH on your ankle for your next event) from a company called Natural Bronze. There’s quite a bit of doo dah to it and while the results are quite nice you feel like you’re being hooked up to life support.

That leads me to a handy little aerosol that is more convenient, almost as effective, and certainly less expensive (Think $14.00 verses $1800.00). It’s a 1.5 ounce container by ‘Classified’ cosmetics (see pic).

Classified's ERA Bronzer

They have Must HAVE (though I’ve only bought) three hues, #1 is “In The Sun” (a light tan that sells out routinely) and #3 “By The Sea”. Just Exfoliate FIRST. Remember this before you roast that pig in your backyard pit in your birthday suit.

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