Fantastic Elastic!

File this creation under: ‘I shoulda/coulda….wish I woulda…..’

Banditos Fashionista stretch bands

Join the shaped rubber band craze–especially for the YYC ‘fashionista’ crowd: boots, hangers, dresses.
$ONLY 2.49. Yeah

I’m planning on springing the ‘Vintage Rubber Band Collection’—
Gently used ones made of a thicker brown, flat and oval material/shape— and a thinner, more svelte, red or green oval (sort of….in fact IDENTICAL to……coincidentally….the ones found around copies of my morning newspaper) Just think, how perfect for Christmas.

Of course, my version may be double or triple the price of that in the photo illustration, but well worth the cash due to it’s collectible nature—-IN FACT, MY Line will be almost identical to those seen in celebrity mailboxes worldwide as well as in the junk/desk drawers of World Leaders.

The check is in the mail, right? (ironically, banded to a copy of a local car wash flyer and bills from my dentist.)

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