Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll

Okay, growing up as an American Girl it’s a safe assumption that you crossed paths with Barbie.

Barbie‘ is Mattel’s contribution to the world of female insecurity as well as that ‘ideal’ to which many of us aspire even as adults.

Barbie (who was created in 1959 by a very non wasp-ish looking woman, Ruth Handler –actually, she probably looked more like Ken) became an icon with very unrealistic breast/waist/hip measurements.

Frankly, she probably still gets more marriage proposals than many real women. Guys have always thought that conversation was overrated….

Now, as if all that were not enough to contend with during my own adolescence, let’s toss on a bit of accelerant to ensure that whatever remaining hope of self esteem that might remain is blown to smithereens…..

enter: Farrah Fawcett.

Farrah was THE quintessential Female 70’s icon from the Charlie’s Angels television show.

The mane of blond hair, the bright white smile, THAT red swimsuit POSTER that just about every American teen boy had somewhere (on the wall or in his closet…) in the mid/late 70’s…..

Farrah had it all—including excruciatingly horrible taste in men.
Case and point: Ryan O’Neal

I was truly sad when she died on June 25, 2009—and even that moment was eclipsed by the sudden death of Michael Jackson just hours after news of Farrah’s passing was reported…..

Anyway, of course, I ordered the Farrah doll.

Farrah Black Label Collector Barbie

I’m a fan of both Barbie and Farrah (and additionally, I have horrible taste in men)– so it was really kismet.

Over the years Barbie has gone through many changes (as I have, too) and my original dolly is probably worth a small fortune. IF I Could find her (and IF I didn’t pull out all of her hair in the course of whipping her into unposable, unbendable styles).

For what it’s worth, I began this blurb planning to write a blithe little ditty about my e-purchase. But, as I continued to read more about the icon, Farrah, who shaped some of my perception of what femininity is/was, what struck me most was that she seemed very genuine and was a very strong woman (who had some truly bad people with their own agendas whispering in her ears).

A sad end for a golden girl.
Barbie had best watch Ken and Midge carefully after all.

**maybe the ‘Farrah’ Barbie should be marketed with sidekicks: Bloated Ryan and Backstabbing Alana dolls.

Bloated Ryan doll is best stolen, not actually bought.

The backstabbing Alana doll looks as much like Farrah as the production company could create given a lesser and inferior mold (she does however wear all of Farrah’s clothing and jewelry).

That said, Backstabbing Alana is much, much cheaper.

Just a thought.

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