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Fashion Fiasco–Dior Fires Galliano as video depict his racist diatribe

John Galliano–brilliant createur responsible for the lovely stream of fluid silk dresses on the runways of Dior–apparently delivered a much less than lovely stream of anti-semitic slurs directed at fellow diners in the Marais, Paris last Friday evening.

Bookmakers at Paddy Power have already begun to accept wagers as to whom Dior’s creative visionary will be—
Sefano Pilati-current YSL designer
Dior Homme Designer-Hedi Slimane
OR Givenchy Director-Riccardo Tisci

But really–why stop there—let’s make it fair, all things considered—we think they should hire Andy Samberg. After all, this isn’t about fashion anyway or Galliano would still have his job.

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3 Responses to “Fashion Fiasco–Dior Fires Galliano as video depict his racist diatribe”

  1. arielle Says:

    such a shame about galliano he is such a great designer, but he makes the problem for himself. for dior, i hope that they will find another creative force, maybe hedi will try. arielle

  2. IheartDIOR Says:

    Galliano IS DIOR. I can’t believe that the French have brought him to trial over this situation.

  3. MiriamLevy Says:

    I’m Jewish and yeah, what Galliano said was insulting, but the fact is he was drunk. Maybe he thinks the stuff or maybe he just said something to lash out–we really don’t know. I don’t want to date him, I don’t want to have him as my friend, but he’s a good designer anyway even if he’s a jerk. So maybe he needs some anger management and a lot of enlightenment, but getting fired isn’t going to change any racist or bigoted opinions he has.

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