Fashion Statement?

‘Survivor’…(no NOT the band that did the Rocky theme of the ’80’s….)
Survivor–as in Domestic Violence.

Jodi Arias Survivor T-shirt with note

I am the proud owner of a Jodi Arias-designed tee shirt to benefit those of us who have endured domestic violence.

Domestic Violence takes many shapes and forms, but the result is an almost tangible shroud that the victims must wear through the remaining relationships of their lives.

The Abuse can be Verbal.

All forms are handicapping in a specific, twisted…and personal way.

……but, Back to the TEE!!!!! (sigh)
$15.00 with free U.S. Shipping.

Mine is black and beautiful. (medium)
Groove to the purple script!

Jodi Arias Survivor T-Shirt

ONE HUNDRED percent of the proceeds are directly donated to charities involving Domestic Abuse.

—and Yes.
I believe Jodi Arias IS innocent.


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