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Favorite Capricorns: Mr. Liu Wei

YYC’s Favourite Capricorn–Mr. Liu Wei—turned another page on 2 January. He celebrated his birthday THIS YEAR on that date. Frankly, these scrambled dates drive us bonkers since I can barely function on a Gregorian calendar….much less Lunar. I mean, God forbid I do mathematics.

Anyway, we hope that the year will hold only good things for Wei and that all his bets on basketball will be good ones.

Lu and Liu Wei in the pool

P.S. We are mailing the monkey to you–return him when he is 18 years old, can make a range of soups/broths (etc) and knows how to shoot hoops. (In exchange, please send us QiRong…..)

We LOVE U, Liu Wei.

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2 Responses to “Favorite Capricorns: Mr. Liu Wei”

  1. liuwei Says:

    good very………….

  2. liuwei Says:

    These be 2 the most strong man is in the world.
    The monkey, he will be next: Michael Phelps.
    Monkey, he like to swim very much, he will join the United States swimming sport[young]brigade.

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