Favorites: Bulgari White Tea

The Ritz Carlton pulled a sneaky. Most travelers are accustomed to the product placement in their hotel rooms — that said, I usually wouldn’t wash a dog with the stuff they stock; however, Bulgari must have some deal going down with R/C.

This stuff must be laced with cocaine. I am now a white tea fragrance addict. I have even been known to try to pick this stuff off the cart of the housekeeping staff (note: I also leave a tip for the maids, and if you don’t you should because they work hard in most cases, but it also depends upon where you’re hanging your hat at the end of the day). I would LOVE to buy it, but this is not the easiest soap to procure. I’ve tried.

Bulgari au the blanc soap

That said, worth it, if you can find it….let me know IF/When and Where you do.

Bulgari soap - white tea scent

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