Favorites: Orange Mate Fabric Refresher

We like to spritz this stuff in the closet of our hotel guest room when traveling, it’s a nice way to freshen what might be slightly stale reminders of the person who happened to arrive before you did. Even better when they smoke like fiends while hanging off the ledge of their/your ‘no smoking’ room. Somehow, they think that you just never caught on to the Marlboro binge. Well, you did — and now you smell like you have a three pack a day habit and sleep in a cocktail lounge.

The nicest part of this little aerosol is that you also don’t pick up a citrus scent. In other words, it also doesn’t smell like you work at the Tropicana plant on the pulp machine. Enough said. Try Zitomer, New York.

a bottle of Orange Mate that we bought in Tokyo

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